Visitor of the site may face a dilemma of following question

# How can I order ? ANS . You can select product > click on the product > you will see > price , product details , product images , quantity box , add on cart > now you can order By >> Judge the image Read the product details check the price choose your option like > weight , flavour , size, colour add your quantity finally add to cart > it will lead to > customer portal > Fill your details > Name , Phone No. Email , delivery Address and other required details > Finally click on PAY > You will see Payment option > Choose your option Fill your Payments details > Click on pay > Finally you will get delivery notification on portal showing > Delivery day , Timing , Payment details You will also get notification by SMS , WHATS APP , EMAIL # How can I get my delivery and is there is any delivery charges ? ** After your order completion you will be notified about delivery details >> like time and day of delivery by SMS , Whatsapp , and Email. ** DELIVERY CHARGES are below:- 1. HYDERABAD - In and around 8 km From Neredmet x road * ALL ITEMS * - Bill < Rs.500 * Rs. 50 Bill > Rs.500-1000 * Rs. 40 Bill > Rs.1000 * NO CHARGES 2. HYDERABAD - In and around 30 km From Nerdmet X Road * ALL ITEMS * - Bill < Rs.500 * Rs. 50 Bill > Rs.500-1000 * Rs. 40 Bill > Rs.1000 * NO CHARGES 3. HYDERABAD -- Beyond 30 km From Nerdmet X Road * ALL ITEMS * Bill < Rs.500 * Rs. 50 Bill > Rs.500-1000 * Rs. 40 Bill > Rs.1000 * NO CHARGES 4. OTHER CITIES -- * GARMENTS ONLY * - Bill < Rs. 1000 * As per city * Bill > Rs.1000 * NO CHARGES *  

# How do I make an exchange?

Exchange can done in food item only if some item delivered wrongly or expiry date exhausted ( delivered due to mistake of packing ) . exchange in clothing can be done only of size ( if any apparel do not fit you ). No colour exchange is done. For exchange > 1* one has contact customer care NO 2* Email the details of product you want to exchange > upload the Bill 3* Whatsapp the details of product want to exchange > send the photo of product and Bill you will get notification regarding availability of product > on agreeing your acceptance > you will be notified of timing and date of exchange and delivery. ** For food item in case of wrong delivery > you will be notified > you can choose other product in lieu that product and differences of price if on your part > you pay >if on LIVRANGE part then you will get refund > exchange timing and date will notified to you. OR if you do not want other product > then you will get refund in after collecting product from you. ** for garments > your product will be exchanged for your desired size > if desired size not available then you have to choose other colour or product > if you do not want other colour or product > then you will issued credit note for future purchase after collecting garment from you . there is no refund in garments.

# What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

you can pay by any of following method > * BY credit / Debit card > issued by any bank * By cash * By direct bank transfer to directly to ARS corporation account * Through UPI * By Net banking